Friday, 1 November 2013

The Brixton Chocolate Museum

Yesterday afternoon, my daughter, her sons and I visited the Brixton chocolate museum in Ferndale Road.

First of all, Google maps is misleading - when you ask it where it is, it says it's about where St Paul's Church is, but in fact it's right down practically next door to the Bon Marché offices, so only a few minutes walk from Brixton Tube.

The upper part is a shop and cafĂ©, with the museum downstairs.  Not desperately interesting; there is a short video about the production of chocolate playing on a continuous loop, some posters, and some display cases containing things like miniature cars with chocolate themes, chocolate drinking cups from the ages, a "Poulain" school lunchbox and so on.  Worth ten minutes, but I wouldn't go there again unless I were going for a chocolate tasting or a workshop.  I rather wish I'd booked in for the special event tomorrow!

We could have had a cup of tea there, but as the Boy is at the age where you never know what he will say next, and the place only had a couple of people in there and was very quiet, we thought better of it and went to Costa instead, which was noisier!  But we did buy a bar of very expensive raw chocolate with salt and cocoa nibs, which is absolutely delicious, not sweet at all.... sadly, you get what you pay for when it's chocolate and theirs, though utterly delicious, is very expensive! 

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