Monday, 28 April 2014

Being a transport geek

Over Easter week, TfL has been replacing Pudding Mill Station. The old station was in the way of the Crossrail project, so it had to go. So on Maundy Thursday, which was the last day of operations, I persuaded the Boy that it was a good place for trainspotting, and we went there (and on to the ViewTube to look round and spend pennies. Today, he was at nursery, so I was on my own. I set off from Clapham High Street station and took the Overground as far as Shadwell, where I changed on to the DLR. The first train was heading to Lewisham, so I hopped off at Canary Wharf and did the cross-platform change to a Stratford-bound train. Got off at Pudding Mill Lane, but didn't leave the station - it was the station I wanted to see.
It is, of course, very new and shiny and very dull really! But lovely views of the Olympic Park and of the ArcelorMittal Orbit
When the next train came along, I hopped on, and got off in Stratford. Did a little shopping, which I could have done anywhere really, but while I was there... and then came home on a Greater Anglia train to Liverpool Street and a 35 bus! Geeky, or what? But having been to the old station on the final day of operation, I couldn't not go to the new one on its first. I was interested to note - you can't see it in this picture, but I saw it from the train going home - that they have already taken the rails up! They don't waste time.