Thursday, 22 May 2014

3 Countries, one day

We set off at about 07:30 this morning, stopping off at the Youth Centre to vote, and were away by about ten to eight. A very smooth run to Folkestone, where we were given a place on the 10:20 crossing, which just gave us time to eat our picnic breakfasts before boarding. The Shuttle was as uneventful as always, and then it was off to drive across France, past Lille, and so into Belgium.

We stopped at a random services to eat lunch - again, I had packed a picnic, finishing off what was left in the fridge to do so. Then we drove on, passing, to our delight, our old friend the Str├ępy-Thieux canal lift, and so on to Namur. The hotel is as nice as ever, but there is no remote control for the TV, and they are saying there is nothing they can do, so I am going to try to get a discount. The Swan Whisperer says not to bother, but....

Anyway, I had a much-needed nap, having slept badly the previous night, and then the SW went for a walk, and I read for a bit.  And we found a very nice Chinese restaurant a few hundred metres away, and he had beef with noodles and I had Thai-style squid, and we shared a bottle of very delicious red wine. Too much, really - he is snoring, and I am not far off!  I did upload a picture of the meal to Facebook, but it hasn't synced, so can't load it here.

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