Friday, 23 May 2014

Another day, another three countries

Actually, one of the countries was Belgium, where, of course, we were yesterday. We had a good breakfast at the hotel, and were away by 8.45, which was far too early, really. We decided to drive via Luxembourg and Trier. And then across the Hunsrück and down into the Rhine valley to Mannheim.
It would have been a pleasanter drive if it hadn't poured with rain most of the way!  However, by the time we got into the Rhine valley it had cleared up and stayed lovely the rest of the day. We stopped at a services to have lunch as we were far too early to check in to the hotel, and to our joy it was a Marché.  We had been expecting soggy sandwiches, but got rösti and ice-cream!
The hotel is very pleasant, although the WiFi is hopeless so I'm using 3G. We had a cup of tea and relaxed for a bit, and at 5.30 the SW's niece, who lives here, cane to pick us up. We went for a walk round the town,
which has some kind of festival on, and stopped in the park for a beer (lovely!).

Then we headed on, past the Niece's flat to the brewery where she had booked us a table for dinner. I had Zanderfilet with asparagus and new potatoes, and we shared a trial thing of six of their best beers. It were lush!
Then we came back to the hotel on a tram, and trams are always good.  And so to bed. Tomorrow to Oberstdorf at last.

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