Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Busy Wednesday

Actually, more stressful than busy. The Swan Whisperer was up early for his official practice, and when he came back we had breakfast, and then I made sandwiches for lunch. We got to the rink quite early and were able to watch the Silver Ladies II Artistic, including two very brave ladies who really aren't at all well, but who rocked it anyway.  And very pleased with themselves they were, too. Then it was Silver Men III, and then the SW's group - Bronze Men IV and V.

The SW skated very well, though not quite clean. Far more confidence than at Bracknell, said someone who has seen both performances, and I agree. He finished last, but in no way made a fool of himself, and was only one mark below the next skater up.

Photo: Liz McGlauflin
We stayed on to watch the Silver Men IV and V, and then the Silver Ladies III, in which we had a lot of friends skating. Then a bit of shopping (tomorrow is Ascension Day and the shops will be shut) and back to the apartment for an early supper, and we were supposed to have practice, but my tummy has gone back on me, not quite (yet) badly enough for Immodium, but.... So I have gone to bed and the SW has gone up for his podium and to watch some really good skaters. He is not very pleased with me, but then, I didn't tell him I was having tummy issues, only that I was tired. I'll be fine after a night sleep and some peppermint oil

Talking of sleep, I did sleep better last night with the bathroom light on - only woke every two hours, not every hour. The spare blankets they provide here in case the duvets aren't quite enough (which they aren't) look exactly like giant yellow dusters, right down to the red borders!

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