Sunday, 25 May 2014

First practice, opening ceremony, team dinner

I did not set an alarm this morning, and it was nearly 09:00 before we were awake for the day. We spent a quiet morning - the Swan Whisperer went out for a short walk, but I stayed in and caught up online now that I finally have decent (but not free) Wi-Fi  After lunch, it was time to get changed and go to the rink for our first practice  on the main rink.  We also had to pick up our accreditation, but that took all of two minutes. I thought we might need passports and so on, but no.  The ice was fabulous, and We had a good runthrough, except my STF is still not working properly. We took a wrong turn going back to the apartment, and had to get the satnav to come to the rescue! One of the main roads through town is closed for refurbishment.

When we finally got back, we had a much needed cup of tea, and some fruit cake, and the SW went on yet another walk while I caught up on my crochet, and then it was time for the Opening Ceremony, all very grand with champagne and flags and Bavarian dancers and speeches, and a video with Frau Kreiselmeier arriving on a hang-glider, like the Queen at the Olympics.

And finally, after a long day, the GB team dinner at the restaurant at the rink, which was delicious, but I am sleepy now.  Especially as we took a wrong turning walking back from the rink, and had to retrace our steps!  Good night!

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