Saturday, 24 May 2014

Oberstdorf at last!

... But not before a delicious German breakfast with the Niece, who kindly let us make sandwiches out of the leftovers. Away by 11:00 - actually a little before - and an uneventful, if slow (roadworks) run down to Oberstdorf. We stopped once for a "comfort break" and then came off the motorway at Memmingen for shopping and petrol.  We were lucky, as the first exit to the town was closed, but the second exit was right by a supermarket and a petrol station. And then a straight run.
The apartment is lovely - one big bed-sitting room with bathroom and kitchenette, and a bit of garden. When we had unpacked, we went for an explore to the rink, just too late for the accreditation, which closed at 6:00, but meet some friends. Then accidentally crashed the Canadian team dinner on a hunt for beer, which we have now found. Then back to the apartment for supper and an early night.

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