Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Oberstdorf Day 2

Today it was cold and wet. All day. It rained. However, Team GB got its first Gold Medal, in the Ladies' Bronze IV Artistic category - the one I would have entered,, had I done an artistic this year. Although I would certainly have been last, or nearly so, I would not have been disgraced. Anyway, I didn't,  so we'll never know.

After that, I came away and went into the village, first to run an errand, and then to go to the Oberstdorf Haus to use the free WiFi to download the latest Elizabeth Moon on to my Kindle and have a coffee, which two things I could have done simultaneously had I realised!   Then back to the rink and, eventually, to the apartment for lunch. I

I read all afternoon, but we had to be back at the rink at 5.00 for the Swan Whisperer's draw, and our practice at 6.20, which was not very good, as I was  tired. I have not been sleeping well as it is a bit too dark, but I am hoping that leaving the bathroom light on will solve that.

Stayed to watch the Ladiies Gold III artistic, and then home to lentil curry!

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