Sunday, 22 June 2014

Bus Cavalcade

Today, in Regent Street, was the special Bus Cavalcade to celebrate the Year of the Bus.  Even if the family hadn't wanted to come, we would have gone.  As it was, we arranged to meet at the first bus, down at the Piccadilly Circus end, at about 2:30.

So this morning first of all, I was preaching, and then we decided to have lunch en route.  Actually, it was more brunch - we went to the Duck Egg Café, one of the many local restaurants.  I had a Full English breakfast (huge), and the Swan Whisperer, who was being rather silly about eating today (this was, I warned him several times, going to be our main meal), had an Egg and Bacon muffin, which he found rather dry.  My Full English was lush, only too much toast, so the SW ate one of my slices.  I drank coffee and he had a San Pellegrino.

Then it was time to leave and we got the Tube to Piccadilly Circus, changing at Green Park.  The Boy, when we met him and his mother, said they had come on the Bakerloo Line from Oxford Circus.

The Cavalcade was boy heaven!  And us heaven, too, if I am honest.  It started with a horse-bus, and ended with a Boris Bus, and all points in between!  Rather excitingly, the horse bus had, in its lifetime, followed the route of the present-day 35, right past the front door! 

I don't see how to put the photos side-by side.  Sigh.  Anyway, we were on a 37 earlier today going into Brixton, and it didn't look like this one!  The route was much the same, though.
As the buses grew more modern, we were increasingly able to board them, and some of them even allowed you to sit in the drivers' seat, which our menfolk took great advantage of:

About 3/4 way up Regent Street was a children's theatre company performing "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus", one of The Boy's favourite books.  I took advantage of a row of seats in the middle of the street to rest my legs for a bit, so although I could see what was happening, I couldn't hear.  Not that it mattered - it was very interactive.  Not sure how much The Boy enjoyed it, but he certainly loved all the buses.  When we got up to Oxford Circus, after a look round a Boris Bus, which neither he nor his mother had been on before (we have, and don't think much of them) we discovered they are now running on the no 10 to King's Cross, so the boys (Boy Too had been quietly in the sling all afternoon, although he was getting bored of it now) and their mother went off to catch one, while we headed home down the Tube and home for a much-needed cup of tea! 

Blissful, and highly recommended if they ever do it again!

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