Monday, 2 June 2014

Slow journey

We started the day with a picnic breakfast in our room - no way were we going to pay €16 each for what the Mercure offered. Then we went shopping, as I wanted bread mix that was different from Lidl's offerings, and a loaf of bread to take home and/or eat for lunch tomorrow. Also a toy for my Boy.
We set off quite late - about 11:00 or so, and promptly ran into trouble on the motorway. There had been an accident and we were badly held up. The satnav said it knew a quicker way, so we said yes please, but in fact the accident was earlier than it thought it was so we should have stayed on. However, we had a lovely drive through the Rhine valley, culminating in a dam where we saw the gates closing on a tourist boat.

 Another stop to get rid of used coffee and full up with petrol, and then a final one for lunch at the entry to the Tunnel St Die. We had flammküchen, yum. Mine had snails and the SWs had mushrooms. And I had a beer and he had cola, which did not stop him feeling sleepy later. So we stopped yet again for him to have coffee and a nap, and I had an ice.
We arrived in Verdun eventually, though. The hotel room is tiny, but will do for one night. Wifi is unreliable, though. The proprietor gave us a tourist map of the town and showed us the suggested walk, which we have been on, and now we are in the restaurant next door, which is a baked potato place.

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