Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Cousins Tour, Day 5

Today was our last morning at Carnon Downs, so after a leisurely breakfast we topped up our water, both tank and drinking, and headed off. We were due in Plymouth at 3:00, so went a scenic route via King Harry's Ferry, St Just* and St Mawes.

We then drove to Plymouth, after an argument with the Satnav, which wanted to take us on minor roads, stopping for lunch in one of those lay-bys that had obviously been made when the road was straightened.

We eventually found the pub in Plymouth where we had arranged to meet an old school friend of my daughter's, which we duly did, and it was lovely to see her and catch up on her news.  It transpired, incidentally, that she had had her wedding reception in the same pub we'd eaten in last night. What a small world!

Then it was on back to the Cartgate truck stop where we had sadly spent our first night with no running water and no alternator!  Apart from having to change our gas bottle, it was so different! And we even got to see the International Space Station go overhead, thanks to a timely heads-up from Facebook!

* There was a young lad from St Just
Who ate apple pie 'til he bust.
It wasn't the fru-it
That caused him to do it;
What finished him off was the crust.

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