Sunday, 14 February 2016

Cousins' Tour, Days 8 and 9

On Saturday it rained.  And rained.  And rained.  We had a "free day" in the rally, but the only time I left the van was to go shopping.  I knew my mother was going, so texted her and asked for a lift, and she agreed to pick me up at about 09:30, which she duly did.  We decided to go to Sainsbury's, since the parking there is underground and you don't have to get wet!

When we were done, she dropped me back at the Village Hall, and I went back to the van, where I regret to say I snuggled up in bed and didn't really move for the rest of the day, other than getting lunch!  The Swan Whisperer did go out for a long walk with my parents' dog, but he, too, spent much of the day hibernating.  However, in the evening there was a dinner-dance in the Village Hall, with entertainment provided by one of their own.  It could have been dire, but in fact it was absolutely lovely!  You bring your own plates, knives, forks, etc, and wash them up afterwards, and of course you bring your own drink.  As we had only one glass of wine left in our bottle, my mother sent down another random half-bottle she had, although really, we'd have been happy with the one glass!  We have masses of wine in London; it was just that we'd forgotten to bring it with us.  The singer, whose professional name is Mr Solo, had a really lovely voice - it almost seemed a shame to waste it on the 1960s disco classics that people our age love, and dance to.

I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to get the Swan Whisperer on to the dance floor - he is happy enough to dance on ice, but not so good on a floor.  However, one of the songs was "Show me the way to Amarillo", which we did a free dance to many years ago, and I said if he could dance to it on ice, he could on a floor.  So he did!  Actually, it didn't matter that much; one could dance without a partner, and some of the women did.  But it's always nicer to dance with a partner, whether on ice or on the floor....

The evening finished at about 11:30 pm and we went straight to bed.  This morning was cold, but we had obviously had the heating on too much over the previous days, as we nearly ran out of gas!  The boiler said firmly that the pressure was too low, but luckily the bath-water was hot, and there was enough gas to boil a kettle for coffee and to cook an omelette for breakfast, although I decided against risking boiling our eggs. 

At 11:00 they had the final meeting of the rally, which was basically notices and thank-yous, and then it was time to pack up and get going.  The Swan Whisperer brought the car down to the Village Hall, and we packed it all up, and then I drove it up to my parents' place, while he drove the van and put it away.  We then went off to try to find some gas, which we didn't succeed in doing (that is not a problem, we'll find some in London), and bought a sandwich, which we ate in a lay-by on Long Furlong, looking over the Downs.  We were trying not to impinge on lunch at my parents', where my sister and brother-in-law were putting up their greenhouse; unfortunately when we arrived they hadn't started yet as they'd gone out to get a Vital Part.  So we sat and chatted to them while they ate, and then my father and I dozed in front of the rugby while the SW took the dog out for a last walk, the greenhouse got built, and my mother pottered around....  and then we came back to London, and the end of another holiday! 

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