Friday, 5 February 2016

The Cousins' Tour

Well, if Philippa Gregory can call the Wars of the Roses "The Cousins' War", then I can call our forthcoming tour "The Cousins Tour!"  This is because we are planning to call on no fewer than three cousins from various branches of the family during it! 

We are off to the West Country, and will, I hope not be blown away other than by awesome scenery.  We spend tomorrow night in Somerset, then off to Cornwall for three nights, then back to Somerset, and finally back to my parents for one night.  We're taking them out for the day on the Friday, and then we are going (if it's not too wet) to a Rally!  We haven't done that before and are not sure whether we will enjoy it, but hey, why not?  We don't have to do another one if it's too ghastly, but in August there is a weekend devoted to grandparents and grandchildren, and it might be a perfect opportunity to take The Boy with us.  Boy Two is still a little young, we think.

Anyway, the real reason for posting this is to tweak Networked Blogs so that, I hope, it will post my updates during the tour (mobile signal permitting - data isn't a problem this time) in a timely fashion!  Photos will have to wait until I'm home again, or Thursday, anyway, so posts will be updated after that.

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