Saturday, 23 April 2016

April Holiday, day 3

Woke up shortly before my alarm went off at 08:00 this morning, and after breakfast we made our way to the rink. Lovely to see old friends there, and gratifying to be told we are missed on the circuit.  "Maybe your stamina will come back," said one friend, hopefully, and while I hope it does, I really can't see myself putting in the hours I need to maintain my level of mediocrity again.  Still, we shall see.

Anyway, we saw some good performances and some mediocre ones, skaters that have improved since last time, and ones that have not....  There was a long lunch break, during which we went shopping and ate in the motor home.

The rink was very cold, and I was glad I had a rug with me. We came away before the podiums, and came back to the camp site. The SW went for a walk, and I curled up on the bed with a book, and dozed off!  Woke up when he came in, and eventually got my act together enough to cook a bacon,, mushroom, tomato and chili sauce for pasta, which was followed by strawberries and fromage blanc. I am longing for asparagus, but it is the white stuff, and still quite expensive. Oh well, we may yet find some....

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