Sunday, 24 April 2016

April Holiday, Day 4

Today was Sunday. I woke up shortly after 7, not having slept terribly well - the Swan Whisperer was a bit restless, which kept me awake, plus he didn't put enough water into his hot-water-bottle, which went cold, so he demanded the use of mine, which I, kindly, let him have and then regretted it!

Anyway, it was a glorious morning, although cold.  Blue skies, birds singing, gloriously hot shower, orange juice, eggs and toast for breakfast - what more could one want?

Ice skating, of course, and today was the final day of the competition, with the artistic programmes, always fun to watch, including a splendid Popeye and a dress that lit up like a Christmas tree!  There was a break for lunch in the middle, so we treated ourselves to a sandwich and chips in the bar, and then came back to the van to eat that nice French compôte with cream on top.  And I had a short rest before watching the final skaters.

We decided not to stay for the show, but slipped away and drove cross-country to Bourges. I even drove for a couple of miles, although it was not much fun and I don't think I had my seat quite right. Not comfortable!  But the roads were very quiet, so not too nerve-racking.

Bourges provides a very nice aire for campers, near the town centre, with free services, what more could you want?  We had a cup of tea and some fruit cake, and then the SW went out for a walk.  It was raining, so I declined to join him but sat and read and knitted - and dozed, if I am honest - until he came back, whereupon it was time to get supper, which included asparagus, as I'd bought some from a little greengrocer-cum-florist beside the rink, and also more strawberries.  And wine, of course. The main course was kidneys in Madeira sauce, which we both love, with rice, carrots and cabbage. And very good it all was, too!

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