Friday, 20 May 2016

A Weekend in Wales - conclusion

So Tuesday was, as scheduled, spent with family; we had a lovely time, but nothing to blog about.  We came away on Wednesday morning and drove cross-country back to London, getting a bit lost in Oxfordshire when I thought I'd seen a sign for a picnic area, but must have been mistaken.  However, we got to the motorway soon enough, and I then slept until we were very nearly home!

The motor home was emptied out and cleaned, and has been taken back to its garage in Sussex until the next time.  Meanwhile, the laundry has been done, and the blog posts updated with photographs.

Next stop, probably, Oberstdorf.

Monday, 16 May 2016

A Weekend in Wales, Monday

It is no longer the weekend, and we are no longer in Wales, but parked up outside my sister-in-law's place in Shropshire (so nearly Wales!).
We left Llangollen mid-morning, and out first port of call was the Pontcyllyst aqueduct, which was very impressive, but I bottled it and had to wait for the SW to walk there and back. 

Then we drove to Whitchurch, where we did some shopping, and then down here, stopping for lunch en route.  We are here until Wednesday morning, but I probably won't blog tomorrow unless we do something spectacular....

Sunday, 15 May 2016

A Weekend in Wales: Sunday

To summarise: Pentecost with trains!
It was another glorious day. Our kind hosts had offered to take us into Llangollen for the open-air joint Pentecost service, and even brought chairs for us. The service was held in the park above the river, and was also in aid of Christian Aid Week.  The local Silver Band played the hymns, which were mostly in English but a couple in Welsh, and rather dirge-like, but everybody sang with good heart. The liturgy was jointly in English and Welsh, so you could follow what was happening even if you didn't speak Welsh, as we don't.

When it was over, we bade farewell to our hosts, and headed down to the station. We could have caught the next train, but decided we wanted to see a bit of the canal first, so walked up to Llangollen Wharf, and along to the basin where there were plenty of narrow-boats moored.

The timing was wrong for a boat trip, so we went back to the station in time to catch the next train, and enjoyed the ride to Carrog, where we had a sandwich lunch and I had an ice cream which was supposed to be honey and lavender, but really didn't taste of either.
There was a miniature steam train, too, that we had a ride on,

and a rather eclectic bookshop/railway stuff shop. I bought a couple of badges for the boys.
Then we got the train back to Berwyn, and walked back to the van for a Nice Cup of Tea, and then went out again to look at Vale Crucis Abbey, just across the road.came back to the van, and the SW went out for another walk up a steep hill (it takes all sorts!) and he has just come in, so I will get supper.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

A Weekend in Wales, Saturday.

It really was the most glorious morning. The forecast had been for a cold front to come in overnight, but I don't think it did. It was fresh, but sunny and bright, and I lay in my bed and watched the sheep on the hill, and dozed until about 7:30.
The Swan Whisperer got up and went for a run, but I just enjoyed my tea. After breakfast, though, we went for a walk up to the Horseshoe Falls,
where the water feeds in to the start of the Llangollen Canal, only used for pleasure boats now, but it also provides water for Crewe, among other places.  The valley is very busy, with our road one side, then the canal, then the tow path, then the river Dee, then the railway and finally the A5, all within a kilometre or less.

We cane back to the van for the Swan Whisperer to get changed into smarts, and then set off back down the road to the hotel, only a couple of hundred yards away for the lunch that had brought us to Wales. Not very enjoyable - I didn't know anybody, the food wasn't great, and it was horribly noisy, but I enjoyed watching the steam trains across the river,
and later we walked up to the station and had a look round,

before coming back here, whereupon the SW went for yet another walk (where does he find the energy?), and I read and drank tea.  We didn't need much supper, of course, but enjoyed cheese on toast.

Friday, 13 May 2016

A weekend in Wales, Friday

This evening finds us in a nursery gardens near Llangollen, from which tomorrow we can walk down to the hotel where there is a formal lunch with the Swan Whisperer's former colleagues, though quite why here I don't know.
So we set off about noon, and it was the usual slow going out of London. We stopped at Oxford services for lunch, and then it was fast until Birmingham, and then crawled past it, Telford, Shrewsbury, Uttoxeter and really until the turn-off for Llangollen. And people wonder why we prefer motoring abroad.
This is a Caravan Club certified location, very pleasant.  The owner is a Lay Reader and has offered to take us to the open-air service on Sunday morning, which should be lovely.  Meanwhile, the forecast is for it to be cold tomorrow, so we have bought plenty of warm clothes.  Enough, I hope, to do us this time! 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

April Holiday, final day

We woke up this morning at the Aire du Baie de la Somme, and the Swan Whisperer went out for a run.  We had hoped to have a proper breakfast in the restaurant, but it was not open, only the café, so we got a coffee and something to eat while taking advantage of the free WiFi. 

Then we drove up to Calais, bought diesel, shopped, and came home on the Shuttle.  The drive to London was swift and smooth, and then it was a matter of unpacking and putting away and so on before I had to go to a meeting.

So we are home for a week, and then off to Welsh Wales.....  Meanwhile, I'm going to add photos to the other posts in this holiday.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

April Holiday, Days 12 and 13

I couldn't post last night as we were staying with a friend, and while she has WiFi, it did not work in the garden and I could scarcely write a blog post while chatting!  And there was almost no mobile signal.
We woke up yesterday morning on this farm in Concèze, in the Corrèze department, and the Swan Whisperer decided to go for a run - and got lost!  Fortunately he found himself just as I was setting out to rescue him, so that was all right.  I have an app that marks where one has parked, so you can always get back, but I don't think he has that.
We decided to go to Périgueux for the day, and spent several happy hours there, wandering around the historic streets, visiting the Cathedral

and having a cup of tea on a café terrasse.  Then we set off north again to drive to our friend's house, which took about 3 hours. We had a lovely evening with her and her cats, and after a rather late breakfast this morning set off for our long day's drive north as far as the Aire du Baie de Somme, where we are spending the night before heading home tomorrow.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

April Holiday, Day 11

I think that, next time I plan a 2-week holiday, I shall incorporate another rest day.  I just didn't feel like exploring and driving today, but no real choice. We set off quite late and drove north towards Cahors, after which we turned off to go to various villages recommended by the guide book I bought the other day. But it was a fine Sunday, and everywhere was crowded with tourists, and I just felt meh.... So we came to this farm where we - and two other vans - are spending the night, and we bought apples, and the SW went for a walk, but I want an early night, I think.