Friday, 10 June 2016

June Holiday: 10 June

It was far too early to get up when I woke this morning to clear blue skies and sunshine, but it was too nice to stay in bed, so after an early-ish breakfast and using the services, we were away by 08:30.

We drove to a pretty little town called Cochem on the Moselle, where we parked up and did a bit of shopping and had a wander. We would have liked a coffee, but ran out of time on our parking ticket, so ate cherries instead, and then drove along the Moselle, stopping for a long lunch-break in a random car park.  Then we drove up over the hills and down the other side to the Rhein, which we also drove along - past the Lorelei - to Bingen, where we rejoined the motorway to Ludwigshafen, where the Swan Whisperer's niece lives.  We had a drink in the motor home, then went into town for a delicious supper at the local brewery, with beer (of course), and then back to where we have parked up near her flat.

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