Wednesday, 15 June 2016

June Holiday, 15 June

After all the excitements of yesterday, I both wanted and needed a very quiet day. There wasn't much I wanted see at the rink until the evening, so I spent the morning doing a load of washing, which took forever and didn't dry quite properly, shopping, and making a huge ragu for supper.

The Swan Whisperer, meanwhile, had gone out for a long walk with like-minded friends, and reappeared at about 4:00 pm, just as the rain started and the kettle boiled!

After supper, we went to the rink for the evening session, which ranged from Bronze Ladies V (aged 68+, one of whom is in her first - and she swears last - season of skating solo, although she and her husband have danced against us on a couple of occasions) to a couple of ex-Olympians!  And the older ladies got every bit as many cheers and "tossies" (small gifts, mostly sweets or tiny soft toys) as the elites, if not more so!  Adult skating truly rocks!

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