Thursday, 16 June 2016

June Holiday, 16 June

Today I vaguely woke up with the "alarm clock" of the cows going out to pasture at 07:10, but the next thing I knew it past 08:00 and I was being told that my tea would be about drinkable - which it was!  So got up and had breakfast and decided not to go to the rink just yet, but went shopping in the town to get some knitting cotton so I could make skate cloths if my current cardigan gets to a state where I can't really go on until I have the rest of the wool, which is at home.
Walked back to the rink, stopping en route to buy an ice from the kiosk, which was seriously delicious, and then spent the rest of the day there, watching various friends and then in the evening it was the pattern dances, bronze through to masters, so we sat and critiqued and cheered and ate pizza. Fun, but very tiring, and how the others can go off to the pub now, I do not know!  All I want is my bed....

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