Monday, 20 June 2016

June Holiday: 20 June

It started off a a lovely day. We had breakfast with Cestina, pooling our resources, and then set off across country towards Plzen and the motorway, seeing all kind of birds and even a deer on the way. Unfortunately I hadn't slept very well - fennel tea, while delicious, appears to have a diuretic effect on me!  So I soon dozed off and missed much of the lovely Czech countryside.

We crossed the border about 1:00 and found a place to stop for lunch, we thought, but it turned out just to be for lorries, so we parked in the Norma next door and ate there before doing since shopping to justify our parking.

Then we headed up to Bamberg, but the car park the Swan Whisperer thought he'd found turned out not to accept motor homes. We found another one, and he went off tu explore while I got supper ready, but unfortunately the gas cylinder expired about then and I am not sure how change it.  So I had to wait for him to come back before I could have the cup of tea I was gasping for, and then he insisted we move on before I'd had time for more than a mouthful, which did not please me

When we finally arrived at Aschaffenburg, we found the motorhome aire was closed for a fun fair, and were going to sadly drive another 30 miles or so to the next one when, serendipitously, we found the services. So we have parked up near them and stuff it!

And THEN I spilt my supper all over the table when I was putting the plates down.... tomorrow has to be better, doesn't it?

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