Wednesday, 8 June 2016

June Holiday, 8 June

I am posting this as we wait to board the Shuttle en route, eventually, to Oberstdorf. It has been a long day, taking Boy Two swimming, and then fetching the Boy and his friend from school. Took Boy Two on his scooter for the first time, which ought to have worked but I forgot about bookbags and flutes and coats.... All of which normally pile on the pushchair!  However, when we finally got home, all three children disappeared to play, and half an hour later I was free to go home, load the van, eat supper, and we set off at 8.00 pm. No chance of an earlier crossing, though, and this one is taking forever to load. When it has, I shall get ready for bed and it won't be long before we are snuggled down outside Cité Europe.

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