Tuesday, 10 January 2017

To Spain, Tuesday 10 January

We left Barcelona about 11:00 this morning, having asked the sat-nav to take us so we didn't have to pay tolls. The urban motorway in Barcelona was super, and carried the traffic very easily and quickly down past the Maremagnum area where we had been the previous day, and then down past the port area before the A2 finally branched off inland.
We drove a couple of hundred km to Zaragoza, stopping in a random aire by a lake to have lunch.
When we had found our car park for the night, we set off again to find a big supermarket, a Mercadona, to stock up and get a tortilla for supper, also since salad. It was very difficult to find the supermarket, which was in a big shipping mall, and I walked the whole length of it before discovering it was on the lower level, whereupon I had to walk all the way back to get to it. Some things much cheaper than the UK, others about the same.  Certainly cheaper than France, though.
Then back to the car park, and the SW went for a walk, and then we had supper. I have been very tired all day - suspect I over did it yesterday - and am looking forward to an early night. Plus it is much colder here, although I don't think frost.  Very dry - we drove past where some idiot had set the verge on fire, luckily on the other side of the road, but scary!  Also we were amused how many lorries were on the non-toll road, compared to in France where they all pay the tolls anyway.


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  2. Hi Annabel,

    I've been following your blog for a while - my name is Terri and my sister is Laura Grieme-Meinecke a skating coach, that's how I came to be reading your very interesting blogs!

    I was wondering, what is an Aire, is it a rest area off a major highway? And is a car park a place for all types of vehicles or is it similar to our US campground where motorhomes, trailers and tent campers stay over? I have an RV as well, haven't done much traveling in it yet but we used to have a camping trailer years ago and traveled widely in that.

    Regards, Terri

  3. Hi, Terri, and thanks for commenting. An aire can be a motorway rest area or service area, but mostly is a dedicated parking area for motor homes which may or may not charge a fee for parking or for services (disposal of grey water and chemical toilets, and fresh water). Often they are just public car parks, such as where we are parked at the moment (parking lot, in US English)