Friday, 30 May 2014

Ascension Day

I was far too sleepy, and it was far too late, to post when I got in last night. I had more-or-less slept off my funny tummy by the time I woke up, and we had a late breakfast before heading down to the rink to watch the elite ladies, who gave us some wonderful performances. Then back to the apartment for lunch, and we decided to go out for a short drive to see some of the surrounding countryside, ending up on a village in Austria, which was rather pretty.

Back to the rink in time to watch the pattern dances at all levels, and I bought myself a souvenir jacket and t-shirt. The dances ranged from the sublime - the Arnolds' Argentine Tango was simply the best I've ever seen, anywhere, and their Quickstep wasn't far behind - to the ridiculous: had we entered, we would not have disgraced ourselves. One couple's 14-step was rather like ours was when I said Enough was Enough and it wasn't going to happen this year! To be fair, their European was better, but not by a lot!  There were some appallingly bad European Waltzes - not that we could have done any better, but just saying - and a couple of good ones. I am hopeful that we aren't going to make too enormous folks of ourselves on Saturday. We are by no means the only Old and Slow couple.

Anyway, during a gap in all of that we popped up to the restaurant at the top of the rink to have supper - pasta for both of us, mine with mushrooms and I'm not sure what the Swan Whisperer's had. But he enjoyed it.

It was well past bedtime by the time we got back to the apartment, but we both slept really well!

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