Monday, 26 May 2014

First Day of Competition

The competition started this morning with various Bronze and Silver artistic and free skate. We watched some of them. Canada swept the board with the Bronze III Artistic, but the highest-ranked Briton was 4th.

There was also a trip to the supermarket, but we had woken up too early after a bad night, for to my phone insisting I'd set the alarm, when I had firmly not. Oh well, better that than the other way about!  So after lunch I had a nap, during which I kept dreaming about Canadian skaters!  Why?  Anyway, after that I got supper ready, and then we went back down to the rink to watch the first part of the Bronze Ladies IV, in which our friend Chris was competing, and then we had practice ice ourselves. We had a good session, during which I realised why my STF wasn't working (three steps, and I only have two feet!), and a fantastic run through to the music, after which I said Enough was as good as a feast, she got off. 

We came back to the apartment to eat shakshuka and ice-cream, and now are digesting this. In a bit, the SW is going back for his free practice, and I shall go to bed.


  1. Hope they were nice Team Canada dreams... I know we can be a little loud at times :)