Friday, 22 April 2016

April Holiday, Day 2

Today was a very, very long drive. The Sat nav told us that it would be quickest to go via the A26 and the A1 and then round the Périphérique, and then on South. I think with hindsight we would have been better to go via the A16 and across via Chartres and Orléans, but the SW said we hadn't been that way for ages, so we did.

Or first port of call, however, was to Auchan, where I did a bit of shopping while the SW got gas and diesel, and then we were off. I should have driven the first but, but bottled it - I am chicken about driving this machine!  We stopped for lunch at some random rest area north of Paris, just by the TGV railway line (how the Boy would have loved it!), and then again at the next one to quickly turn the gas off (oops!)!  Then it was round the Périphérique, and once we were off that, I fell asleep, to be woken by a frantic fantasia on a horn by a lorry driver. We think he must not have noticed that we are right-hand drive, and thought I had fallen asleep while driving.

We stopped again for a brief break and a quick cup of tea, most welcome, and then decided not to come via Blois, which we had planned, as it was getting late.

No problem at the camp site, which is ok but the sanitaires are a bit bleak - no loo paper and fixed head showers. We went up to the rink, where the competition had started, but only briefly as we didn't really know anybody. Really just to case the joint, as it were. Then back to the camp site for supper (choucroute garni, yum), and I expect we will have a fairly early night.

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