Sunday, 15 May 2016

A Weekend in Wales: Sunday

To summarise: Pentecost with trains!
It was another glorious day. Our kind hosts had offered to take us into Llangollen for the open-air joint Pentecost service, and even brought chairs for us. The service was held in the park above the river, and was also in aid of Christian Aid Week.  The local Silver Band played the hymns, which were mostly in English but a couple in Welsh, and rather dirge-like, but everybody sang with good heart. The liturgy was jointly in English and Welsh, so you could follow what was happening even if you didn't speak Welsh, as we don't.

When it was over, we bade farewell to our hosts, and headed down to the station. We could have caught the next train, but decided we wanted to see a bit of the canal first, so walked up to Llangollen Wharf, and along to the basin where there were plenty of narrow-boats moored.

The timing was wrong for a boat trip, so we went back to the station in time to catch the next train, and enjoyed the ride to Carrog, where we had a sandwich lunch and I had an ice cream which was supposed to be honey and lavender, but really didn't taste of either.
There was a miniature steam train, too, that we had a ride on,

and a rather eclectic bookshop/railway stuff shop. I bought a couple of badges for the boys.
Then we got the train back to Berwyn, and walked back to the van for a Nice Cup of Tea, and then went out again to look at Vale Crucis Abbey, just across the road.came back to the van, and the SW went out for another walk up a steep hill (it takes all sorts!) and he has just come in, so I will get supper.

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