Saturday, 11 June 2016

June Holiday: 11 June

Bother, I had a long post written but failed to save it. Oh well.

We have arrived in Oberstdorf at last, after breakfast with the Niece in her lovely flat, a quick trip to her local Netto to get stuff for lunch, and a long, slow drive as far as Memmingen, where said lunch was eaten and things for supper bought.  And then only an hour to Oberstdorf and the Wohnmobilstellplatz there. Very pleasant, if rather crowded site. Showers are extra, so we will have them in the van!

We got settled and went off to the rink tu see who was around and say hi, and then headed off to the town centre to get some cash, and back, which was enough exercise for me. Supper was Maultaschen (can't link from Wikipedia mobile app) which I did in a vegetable sauce with grated cheese, and very good it was, too.  And wine!

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