Thursday, 9 June 2016

June Holiday: 9 June

I slightly spoke too soon last night, as for some reason, although we had been called for boarding, we sat for about 30 minutes at the top of the ramp, and the Shuttle was very late moving off.  I went to bed, and naughtily stayed there while the Swan Whisperer drove to the car-park. Not doing that again, though, as it was very uncomfortable, especially the jolts over the carriage separators on the train.

It must have been well after 2:00 am local time before we got to sleep, so we didn't exactly hurry in the morning. After a latish breakfast, I did some shopping, forgetting to buy eggs, and also looked for new trainers. Unsuccessfully, but would you believe that two pairs have demised on successive holidays? 

Finally we set off. Our first port of call was the Auchan petrol station, and then a very brief stop somewhere for me to get some extra water out of the fridge - I have been thirsty all day - and then we got past Brussels and stopped in a services for a very long lunch break that included a nap for both of us!  After which, we did not stop again until we got to this motor home park, which is very nice, and, for the first time, I am sitting out on our new chairs to write this.

So it has been breakfast in France, lunch in Belgium and supper in Germany!

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