Monday, 25 July 2016

July Holiday, 25 July

After breakfast this morning we followed the satnav to the Arras Memorial, and found my great-uncle's name on the Flying Services Memorial. The cemetery and memorial were very lovely, and I took a lot of photos.
Arras provided a free shuttle bus into town (in hindsight, we'd have done better to have gone to that car park last night, but we didn't know that), so we took that and explored the city centre for a bit, and bought memorial crosses in the Tourist Office (sold by the British Legion, not a do-the-tourist scam). Then we caught the bus back to the car park and had lunch, and then, after placing the memorial cross, and taking a photo of a friend's great-grandfather's grave for her, we drove to Thiepval, where we found my other great-uncle's name on the memorial where they said it would be. Rather high up so difficult to photograph, but we managed in the end, and left the cross. 
Then the Swan Whisperer went to explore the Ulster Memorial a few hundred metres away, and then we drove to Amiens and the aire here, just outside the camp site but half the price.
The Swan Whisperer went to explore the area, and I got supper, and now just lazing around until bedtime. A very moving day.

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