Tuesday, 26 July 2016

July holiday, 26 July

A much less emotional day. The Swan Whisperer went for his run while I got breakfast, and then we used the services and headed on, first stop towards a supermarket which both Google and TomTom said was there, but wasn't.  However, we found one in the end, so all was well, and I even scored some lavender honey shower gel for MrsRev and me.
Then we decided to follow one of the circuits in our book, and headed to the village of Folleville, which was supposed to have a mediaeval site and church, but we found neither. Quite a pretty village, though, so we then had lunch and drove over to the preserved village of Gerberoy, which we liked, but I wouldn't care to live there.  So many of its inhabitants feel, judging by the number of For Sale signs around the place.

After that, on to Beauvais via a couple of other pretty villages, and we are parked up in a very nice aire with free services!

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