Friday, 29 July 2016

July holiday, 29 July

This morning it was time to visit the museum in whose grounds we had parked overnight.  It was just beside the longest canal tunnel in France, and it was about the way the boats were, and are, hauled through it by electric-powered boats on a chain.  There was quite a lot about the lives of the canal folk - very similar to that of their UK counterparts, although the barges are a lot wider, and the canal is still a way of life here.  Very interesting!
So we drove on up to Cambrai, stopping at a bakery for bread, and in a services to have lunch.  I got very sleepy after lunch, and by the time I came properly awake we were near St-Omer and looking at La Coupole, a planetarium-cum-history museum, which is where the V2 rockets were fired from. There wasn't time to go in to the museum, but we plan to do that another day.  The exhibits outside and in the visitor centre were superb.
Then it was across country to Calais, a quick nip into Auchan for milk, eggs and fruit juice for breakfast, and then dinner in the Buffalo Grill to use their WiFi (and enjoy a steak!).  We'll sleep in the Cité Europe car park, and then home at lunch time.

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