Wednesday, 27 July 2016

July holidays, 27 July

We didn't wake this morning until my phone alarm went off at 07:30, and by the time we were ready to leave Beauvais it was already after 10:00 am. Our first stop was (after a quick dash into an E Leclerc) Chantilly, where we parked with a wonderful view of the training gallops and the SW went for a walk while I got lunch.
After lunch, we drove to Senlis, which is a town you mostly go roaring past on your way to Paris, but is actually well worth a visit, with lovely cobbled mediaeval streets which we wandered round for a bit and then stopped while the SW had coffee and I had a Perrier.
Then it was on to Compi├Ęgne cross country, mostly through woodland with loads of walking, riding and cycle tracks criss-crossing it. And so on to this little village whose aire is said to charge €3 a night, but thus far nobody has come to collect it.
At first we were the only camping-car here, and there is masses of room, so we decided to see how the tent awning goes up. We need some tent pegs for it, and it was a steep learning curve, but we sort of managed it in the end and sat out to eat supper, which was mince and pasta, very good even if I do say so myself as shouldn't! 
Another van has arrived since, also British.  I think we will probably take the tent down before we go to bed, as it is not secured and the weather may deteriorate. It keeps threatening to, but thus far we've had lovely weather, not too hot but no rain.  We have not really needed either hats or macs.
And here is the farmer to collect our €3!  And we are taking down the tent, so soon time to settle down in the van for the night.

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