Monday, 27 April 2015

Up the A24

I had some shopping to do, including a trip to Lakeland, so decided to head to Wimbledon and shop my way back up the A24.  As Lakeland is in the Centre Court shopping centre, it ought to have made sense to go by train, but they were running slow due to an earlier incident, so it took me half an hour longer than it should have done to get there.  However, I arrived in the end, and my errand was swiftly done.

It's a long time since I have caught a bus from Wimbledon station to Merton Abbey Sainsbury's, but it hasn't changed!  Again, my shopping there was swiftly done, and I caught another bus up the road to Tooting Broadway to finish my shopping in Primark there.  When I'd done that, I found I had just missed both a 355 and a 155, so decided to have some lunch.  A random Indian restaurants (they are legion in that part of London) yielded a delicious mixed vegetable curry, a naan bread (I could only manage half) and a side salad for just over £5.00, well worth it (the curry tasted as good as it looked, and it looked delicious). 

Then I arrived at the bus stop just in time for a 155, which took me as far as Clapham Common.  I was very amused to notice that as we passed Tooting Bec and Balham, the shops got progressively posher and posher as we moved towards Clapham!  Even the chains, from Primark and Wilco in Tooting Broadway, to the huge Waitrose in was so noticeable as to be funny.  Clapham itself is full of restaurants, of course, and not many shops except Sainsbury's and the usual chains, but Clapham South is definitely Nappy Valley!

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