Sunday, 7 February 2016

Cousins Tour, Day 2

So after I had posted last night, I went to wash my hands and the tap sputtered at me and nothing happened - no pump!  The Swan Whisperer looked at it, but to no avail, so we baled some water into a crate to have available, and went to sleep.

In the morning, we found we really liked the truck stop we were at, and had breakfast in the café there (excellent!), and used their facilities. The Swan Whisperer had another look at the pump and made it work, sort of, but it obviously needs to be replaced sooner rather than later, and the car battery is not charging as the alternator, whatever that is, is borked. One flood too many last night, probably.   And have you seen the weather forecast?  So we rang up the campsite we were booked in for tomorrow night and asked us if they could take us tonight as well, which they could.

So we drove here as the weather  worsened and worsened, and really have done nothing since.  I had a nap, and we ate risotto, and that's about it. In the morning we can use the showers and loos here, which seem lovely and warm.

Meanwhile there is a bit of a lull in the storm just now, long may it last. It was very noisy an hour ago!  I hope we sleep.

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