Monday, 8 February 2016

Cousins Tour, Day 3.

Storm Imogen did all it could last night, but we were warm and snug in bed and, although the van did sway a bit in the breeze, it was not enough to keep us awake.

This morning, I showered in the "Bathroom", or at least that was what I intended to do, but the shower over the bath didn't work properly, so I ended up having a bath, instead. Tomorrow I shall use the "Family room"; both it and the bathroom have more privacy, and more space, than the normal showers and loos.  I must remember to take a bathmat, though, as it was cold standing on a tiled floor to dress!

When I got back, I found that the Swan Whisperer had found a place where we could get a new alternator, so after breakfast we went there and they were able to fit one almost at once, having determined that this was indeed the problem. One issue solved, but we still needed a new pump, so we went off and bought one and then headed into Truro to see what we could see.

Lunch was the first order of the day, so we went into the first cafĂ© we saw, which did us a very nice, but rather expensive, pie and salad, with coffee.  I thought afterwards that oh bother, we are in Cornwall, we should have had a pasty, but too late. So we went round the Cathedral, which is lovely, quite small, but very pleasant, and they didn't charge for admission, which makes a change.

Then we went and wandered round the shops and the market, and I found some wool I wanted.

So anyway, when we had done that and bought one or two things in the Co-Op, we came back to the camp site and the SW tried to fit the new pump, but it didn't fit, so we went rushing back to the place where we had bought it, and he finally got it replaced by a much cheaper one, which does fit and works!

So finally back to the camp site, and we had a fry-up for dinner, and I am thinking about transferring to my bed, where it is snug!

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