Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Cousins Tour, Day 4

Yesterday was a lovely holiday day, with nothing to do on the van except the usual drain, flush and refill, so once we had done that, we went off to the Eden Project, as most visitors to Cornwall do, sooner or later.  It is well worth seeing.  The outdoor gardens were a bit bleak at this time of year, although there were some lovely daffodils, but the biomes were fantastic.
There are two, one with a tropical rainforest climate, and relevant plants, crops, and even birds,
while the other has a Mediterranean climate (including South Africa, California and parts of Western Australia).  It is much smaller than the other, but I think I liked it better.  It smelt wonderful. 

We drove home rather alarmingly (tiny roads) via Mevagissey, and Tesco's in Truro, where I stayed in the van and watched the swans on the river
and then the Swan Whisperer decided to go out for a walk, despite the hail, and he went further than he meant and got soaked!  So we were very nearly late to meet my cousin and his wife who picked us up and took us out to a lovely meal at a nearby pub they knew, which was super.  I had fish and chips and couldn't finish them!  My cousin's wife turns out to be longing for a motor home, too, although her husband is not convinced, so they came in to look at ours when they dropped us back. She is most envious!

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