Thursday, 11 February 2016

Cousins Tour, Day 6

It was a cold and frosty morning to wake up to. I stuck my nose out of the duvet and promptly turned the heater on!

We breakfasted in the cafe again, delicious, and then set off to visit a cousin in Winterslow, near Salisbury.

It was a lovely drive. It was frosty, and in some places the hedges were absolutely covered with ice, which, we realised, was because they were immediately above a large puddle, and the cars going through had splashed them! Mostly the drive was in sunshine, but there were some patches of mist over Salisbury Plain.

The cousin we were calling on is a "double" cousin, in that her father and my grandfather were brothers, and her mother and my grandmother were first cousins. I was her bridesmaids, and we celebrated their Golden Wedding on the day my first grandson was born. Unfortunately she thought it was tomorrow we were coming, but it got sorted out in the end and we enjoyed a cup of coffee with them before heading on to Sussex.

First port of call was the supermarket, to get food, as we had invited my parents to dinner in the van.  Then up to their, where we are parked up in their forecourt. We had tea with them and a friend of theirs who is celebrating her 90th birthday today, and then went back to the van. Supper was duck breast, with an onion and mushroom sauce, mashed potato and cabbage and leek. It would have been followed by a lemon tart, but we didn't have room!  And wine - even my parents drank some - and coffee or tisane, according to taste.

Tomorrow we will be parked up by the village hall, to see what a rally is like - I may not have any signal at all, as there's no phone signal here and I'm on Wi-Fi.  If not, I'll be back Sunday night!

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