Saturday, 13 February 2016

Cousins Tour, Day 7

I forgot to mention that Thursday night was wonderful, as there were owls!   I remember hearing them in my childhood, but hardly ever since. 
On Friday, we took my parents to Hayling Island, as planned. It is about an hour's drive from their home along the A27. I hadn't been there for many years and had no memory of it.
You reach it over a permanent causeway across part of Chichester Harbour.  It is mostly villas and static caravans, of course, as it is a seaside town.  However, unlike most such, you can park right next to the sea, which we did. There were three oil tankers in sight, but they did not move at all while we were there, and we think they must have been moored.  At one stage, another ship came out of Portsmouth Harbour and went off across the horizon.
And, of course, we enjoyed people-watching and people walking their dogs along the beach.  The Swan Whisperer went for a couple of brief walks - we had left my parents' dog at home as he doesn't find the van very comfortable. 
Then he drove us home while all three of us went to sleep!
We dropped off my parents and then went to the village hall, where the West Sussex branch of the Caravan Club are holding a rally.  We haven't done a rally before, and I don't suppose we'll often do one, but it will be a good thing to take The Boy to in August. We parked up and got comfortable, and after dinner went into the village hall and met people and chatted until bedtime.

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