Wednesday, 4 April 2018

South of France, 4 April 2018

So we woke up this morning and the sky was blue!  Ah well.... so it was a matter of getting up, getting breakfast, clearing away, and then heading to the terminal via the services at Coquelles.  We got a crossing 30 minutes earlier than scheduled, and were home shortly after noon, UK time, with plenty of time to unpack and put things away before lunch! 

Next time we're off will be to Oberstdorf in May, and we have not yet decided what we will do after that.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

South of France, 3 April 2018

We had parked up beside a lake which, of course, the Swan Whisperer went for a run round this morning!  After breakfast, I decided to walk round it, such took half an hour, about 6 minutes longer than I was really able for, but nice exercise, and there was a heron!

We then drove back to Calais, stopping in Rouen for diesel and in an aire for lunch, and then in the Baie de Somme for a cup of tea. And then in Coquelles we stopped in at the motor home place where they exchanged the bin with no questions asked, and made sure the new one was not broken.
And so to Cité Europe, where we did a last shop (except for bread for tomorrow's lunch), and then ate in the Flunch, which was pretty dire, but I enjoyed a nice piece of lamb. 

When I woke up here two weeks ago, the sun was shining brightly and it was a lovely day to start our holiday. Tonight it is raining, as it has been all day!  France making itself easy to say goodbye to?

Monday, 2 April 2018

South of France, 2 April 2018

We left our friends at about 14:30 after a lovely lunch, and headed north. We are on the homeward run now, and tonight we are parked up outside Chartres. 

Cooked supper and delighted to discover the ice-cream still frozen in the freezing compartment of our fridge. It has worked so well these holidays, as had the heater.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

South of France, 1 April 2018

Hallelujah!  Christ is risen!  Easter Day has been pretty much a rest day - we had arranged to go to an English service in a village near Lezay, to meet our old friend who lives in the area, which we did, and then went with her and her church to an Easter lunch in a local restaurant, and back to hers, where we passed a very pleasant and peaceful afternoon and evening, and are now spending the night.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

South of France, 31 March 2018

Our 39th wedding anniversary dawned bright (sort of), so the Swan Whisperer went for a run, and did get rained on, but not badly. We filled up with water at the walnut farm, then made our farewells and went into the nearby village of Sers to do the vidanges (emptying).  

Then we drove into Angouleme and had a very cold walk round, too cold to be enjoyable, really. We thought we would go to the nearest E Leclerc to get diesel and groceries, but although we got the former, we couldn't find anywhere to park that didn't have a height limit, not impressed!  So we drove a little further and found a Géant, which was (gigantic, I mean) and I forgot to get milk, which was annoying, but we think we have enough to do until Tuesday, as we are staying with a friend tomorrow. 

After lunch I had a bit of a nap, and then we drive over to have a look at the Charente, and to a village with an ancient church whose name escapes me, but which was very pretty. And then on to Lézay, where I had booked us into the restaurant we ate at with a friend some years ago now, and the aire is just across the road, very civilised!  Food delicious, but rather too much for me!

Friday, 30 March 2018

South of France, Good Friday 30 March

It rained in the night. A lot!  I woke quite early to the sound of rain on the roof and then drowsed off again. When we finally got up (the Swan Whisperer did not go for a run this morning!) it was still raining, but as we ate breakfast it changed to sleet and then to snow!  It even began to lie a little, to the point that you could see where we had been when we moved off! 

However, we were at about 800 or so metres, and almost as soon as we headed off we began to go downhill and the snow changed back to rain, which became more and more showery as the day went on, and by lunch time we were in bright sunshine. This was in the village where Richard the Lionheart was killed, called Chalus. The castle he had been investing at the time is still there, but the SW, who went exploring, found it was only open in June and July, so we came away and drove very cross-country to this walnut farm in the Charente where we are spending the night. They showed a film about the harvest of their walnuts, but sadly, they didn't seem to know about pickled green walnuts, so delicious!  I bought some, of course, and then the SW came back from a walk and eventually I got supper. Spring is really here, now, with flowers out and even some trees beginning to show green.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

South of France, Maundy Thursday 29 March

We are in the middle of nowhere - I think in the Limousin area - and seem to have taken a very long time to get here. We woke up quite late, and after breakfast drove into Sévérac-le-Chateau, aka Sévérac-en-Aveyron, to shop. At least, I shopped while the SW went for a walk.

Then we had coffee and caught up on social media as there was quite a good signal there.  And then it was a matter of driving all day - first up the A75, such is always lovely, and then what seemed an inordinately long way across country, very pretty and reasonably good roads, to the Limousin area and this very nice aire. It is free, although the services aren't, but they are out of user for the winter anyway, and we only need to empty our grey water, having done the rest at the farm where we stopped last night. No electricity here, but we have been joined by two other motor homes so far, so a popular stopping-place!  All the same, I could wish we were still in the Midi - it is noticeably colder here!